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Brussels Sprouts Flavoured Tea! Really?

Brussels Sprouts Flavoured Tea by Sainsbury's

We went to our local Sainsbury’s supermarket this morning, and on the shelf in the tea and coffee aisle I spotted a pack of Brussels Sprouts flavoured tea bags.

I was stunned! Well definitely taken by surprise, because even though we love Brussels Sprouts, the thought of drinking tea that was flavoured like them just doesn’t appeal. Well possibly if you added the flavour of a nice rich gravy, but then I still don’t think it would be something that I would want to drink!

Even more bizarre, alongside the pack of Brussels Sprouts flavoured tea bags was  a pack of Pigs In Blankets flavoured tea bags!

Who on earth comes up with these flavours I wonder?

I know that I am one to try new things, especially food and drink, but I don’t think I would want to try either of these.

How about you?

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