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Bob Bought A Fox Home

Fox In The Garden. Photo copyright Tony Payne 2024

So Bob went out and got drunk one night and I’m not quite sure how it happened but somehow Bob bought a fox home with him.

Before you start thinking that he bought a foxy lady home, no this was a real live fox, much to the surprise of his wife Mary.

Well Mary wasn’t happy, seeing her husband walk into the house with this fox, although I kind of wonder whether she would have been even angrier if he had walked in with a foxy lady on his arm, but as he didn’t that would be another story I guess.

“Bob, you’ve come home drunk again and what the heck are you doing bringing that wild animal into our house?” she said.

Bob replied, “Awww Mary, this fox was just wandering the streets and I thought we could keep it as a pet”.

“A pet! I swear you are losing it Bob!” she said, “and just where exactly are we going to keep it eh?”

“I thought we could keep it in the bedroom, like we did with old Rover years ago”, Bob suggested.

“But what about that horrible nasty smell?” Mary asked.

“Well”, Bob replied, “I got used to you, I’m sure he will too!”

And that I believe is when the fighting started…

Photo of a Fox In The Garden, copyright Tony Payne 2024

If you love foxes, take a look at the fox videos on our wildlife channel on YouTube. You might catch the occasion badger or even a rat on there.

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