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Big Golf Game

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2018

Three businessmen had a big golf game with a client in Arizona.

They were running late for the meeting, and as luck would have it their car broke down.

Fortunately, they found a repair garage nearby, but having looked at the car, the mechanic told them it would take four hours to fix it.

“But”, he told them, “You are in luck. I have a camel that the three of you can ride over to the golf course”.

The three businessmen looked at the mechanic in surprise, but he continued and explained to them that “This camel is smart. He can read stoplights. He will stop and go just as the light directs”.

So, the three businessmen pile on the camel, golf clubs and all, and set off down the road.

An hour later, the mechanic was driving down the road when he saw the three of them standing a couple of miles down the road and the camel was nowhere to be seen.

“What in the world happened”, the mechanic asked them, “and where’s my camel?”

One of the businessmen replied, “Well, we had stopped at that light and a car pulled up along side of us. The guy in the car stuck his head out the window and said, ‘Look at the three nuts on that camel!!’ When we got off to look, the beast took off when the light turned green”.

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2018

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