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Big Arse

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If you love big arse jokes you are sure to love this one and the moral to this story is, be careful when telling your wife that she has a big arse!

A couple who had been married for a few years were out working in the garden together one sunny afternoon.

As the wife was bending over pulling out some weeds, her husband said, “Hey honey, you really are getting fat. Your arse is getting huge. Actually, it’s starting to resemble an elephant’s arse. I bet it’s as big as our gas grill now”.

Her husband, feeling he needed to prove his point, got out a measuring tape, measured the grill and then measured his wife’s arse.

“Oh yeah”, he said with a smirk. “Just as I thought, your arse is just about the same size as that gas grill”.

His wife naturally got very angry, stormed off into the house and decided to let her husband do the rest of the gardening on his alone.

She went inside, put on a DVD that she knew her husband didn’t like and didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.

That evening, when they went to bed, her husband cuddled up to his wife and said, “How about it honey? How about a little lovemaking?”

His wife rolled over and turned her back to him, giving him the cold shoulder.

“What’s the matter Honey?” he asked, completely unaware of the huge effect his comment about her having a big arse had earlier in the day.

She replied angrily, “What’s the matter? You don’t think I am going to fire up this big arse grill for one little weenie, do you?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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