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The Bathroom Cabinet

Ever since she was a little girl my wife’s daughter had this habit of looking in the bathroom cabinet any time she went to visit family or friends.

When she was really young she would usually either blurt out afterwards “their toilet is clean it’s ok to go in there Mom” or worse “don’t go in there Mom it’s nasty”.

Well fortunately she grew out of airing her findings in public, however the habit of looking inside the bathroom cabinet whenever she went anywhere has remained.

Now you know of course she isn’t alone, many of us have done it, and still do it. I bet if I could take a show of hands, half of you reading this story would have done this at some time or other and I bet you have some stories to tell about it too.

Which brings us to the story I have here, which my wife’s daughter just related to her on the phone the other day, and it had my wife in hysterics.

Her daughter and her husband had gone to visit family, and before leaving to return home she had gone to use the bathroom, and of course she couldn’t resist opening the bathroom cabinet to see what was inside.

So she did, only to find that the door came off in her hand, which caused her to panic, but finally she managed to fix it back on and left the bathroom quietly.

On the way home she said to her husband “you know I have this habit of looking inside bathroom cabinets?”.

“Yes” he replied.

“Well” she added, “I did and the door came off in my hand”.

This had him laughing, because he too had done the same thing, only he had opened the door while he was standing there having a pee (as you do), and panicked rather more when the door came off, which any men reading this will probably appreciate more than the women.

Well he too managed to get the door back on, but before he did he did manage to look inside the cabinet, only to find it was actually the fusebox!

He almost had to stop the car when he told her that, because they were both laughing so much.

I wonder how long it will be before either of them dare to look inside a bathroom cabinet again.

(image of a bathroom cabinet used under a Collective Commons License)

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