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Baggy Shorts Or Speedos

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Baggy shorts or Speedos? What’s your preference when going to the beach? Baggy shorts might be more comfortable, but those European men in their Speedos sure know how to pull the girls.

An Irishman was vacationing in Miami, Florida and could not understand why his friend Jean Paul from France had attracted all the girls on South Beach, while he had pulled nothing.

So he asked Jean Paul, “Why do you get all the girls and I get nothing?”

Jean Paul said, “It’s because I wear a Speedo bathing suit Michael. The women, they love to see a man wearing Speedos”.

So the Irishman buys a pair of Speedos and tosses his baggy shorts in the garbage. He struts up and down the beach but still he has no luck attracting any women.

He finds Jean Paul again and asks for his advice.

Jean Paul, taking a look at Michael in his Speedos says, “What you need to do is to take a potato and tuck it in your Speedos, it drives the women wild”.

So the Irishman stuffed a potato in his Speedos and paraded up and the beach once again.

Many hours later, still no woman. So Michael went to see Jean Paul again and said, “I’ve tried the Speedo bathing suit, I’ve tried the potato but it doesn’t work. If anything the women keep even further away from me”.

Jean Paul looked at Michael and said “You might want to try putting the potato in the front”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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