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Annie Oakley’s Sister

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Have you heard about Annie Oakley’s sister? You haven’t? Well then, I guess today is going to be another school day for you if you care to read on.

I guess everyone has heard about Annie Oakley, the famous sharp-shooter of the old Wild West.

Annie Oakley toured the world with Wild Bill Hickock’s Wild West Show and was the inspiration behind the musical Annie Get Your Gun. Well if you grew up in the 20th century you almost certainly would have heard of her.

Anyhow, historians have recently discovered evidence that Annie Oakley had a sister.

Annie Oakley’s sister, Carrie, apparently gained a reputation of her own back in the day, performing as a singer in various saloons and bars throughout the old Wild West.

However, it was not until after her death that she became more widely known.

You probably never realised it, but today, countless bars around the world are dedicated to Carrie Oakley.

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Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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