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An Old Man Married To A Much Younger Woman

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Here’s a lovely story for you, about an old man married to a much younger woman.

Hubert was an old man who had been married to a much younger woman for several years.

Their marriage had been very happy and they had a great sex life, until out of the blue, Hubert had a heart attack.

His doctor advised him that in order to prolong his life, they should cut out sex, totally.

Well that was the last thing that Hubert and his lovely young wife imagined or wanted, bit having discussed the situation, they both decided that Hubert should sleep downstairs in the family room, while his wife slept upstairs in their bedroom, to keep both of them from temptation.

Well, all went well for a couple of weeks, although neither of them slept much. Hubert could only imagine his lovely young wife taking care of herself upstairs in their bed, while he tossed and turned downstairs, trying to get to sleep.

But alas, every night Hubert just lay awake and kept thinking about his wife, while she did the same, thinking about her husband.

One night, after several weeks of suffering, Hubert decided that life without sex wasn’t worth living. So he decided to make his way upstairs to their bedroom.

To his surprise, he met his wife on the staircase just as she was coming down, dressed in a skimpy nightdress.

Hubert said, “I couldn’t stand another night on my own, I was just coming upstairs to die”.

His wife laughed and replied, “You too? I was just coming down to kill you!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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