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An American Tourist in London

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An American tourist in London found himself needing to take a leak something terrible.

It was one of those situations that I’m sure we have all been faced with at least once in our lives, I know I have more than once.

Sometimes, when you just have to go, there is no option to hold it and when that happens, drastic decisions need to be taken so that you can relieve yourself.

After a long search, the American tourist just couldn’t find any public bathroom to relieve himself, so he went down one of the side streets to take care of business.

Just as he was unzipping his trousers, a London police officer showed up.

“Look here, old chap, what are you doing?” the officer asked.

“I’m sorry,” the American replied, but I really gotta take a leak.”

“You can’t do that here,” the officer told him. “Look, follow me.”

The police officer led him to a beautiful garden with lots of grass, pretty flowers, and manicured hedges.

“Here,” said the policeman, leading the American tourist across a grassy area and pointing towards a flowers bed, “whiz away”.

So, the American tourist shrugged, turned, unzipped and started peeing on the flowers.

“Ahhh”, he said in relief.

Then, turning towards the police officer, he said, “This is very nice of you. Is this usual British courtesy?”

“No”, retorted the policeman. “It’s the French Embassy.”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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