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An Acronym For My New Car License Plate

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I am picking up my new car next week and the license plate has the letters LTO in it. I have been trying to figure out a good acronym to go with it, but just can’t come up with the perfect one. Any ideas?

The first thing that I found when Googling was Linear Tape-Open, which refers to old (I mean seriously old) computer tapes. I know I have worked in the IT industry for a number of years, but that doesn’t sound very trendy does it. Most people wouldn’t get it, and I don’t think I could be bothered to have to try and explain it to people either. I would probably get some really strange looks as well.

Then I fortunately came across a list of Acronyms for LTO, which has given me a few ideas such as:

  • Land Trade Office – hmm not exactly relevent to me.
  • Long Term Outcome – don’t exactly find that catchy.
  • License To Occupy – possible. It’s my car after all and I’m licensed to occupy it.
  • Limited Time Only – not bad, I am getting it on a 4 year lease and have to hand it back afterwards.
  • Long Term Orbit – a GPS term apparently. I don’t intend to drive quite that fast in it, I prefer to keep all four wheels on the ground thank you!
  • Low Temperature Oxidation – nope! Doesn’t sound good, and I don’t plan to drive it on the beach either. Corrosion of any form is bad news, especially for a car.
  • Lettuce Tomato and Onion – catchy, but I have no intention of dropping the contents of my sandwiches in the car.
  • License To Operate – just call me Bond, James Bond… hmmm maybe…
  • Laboratory Training Office – I think conducting science experiments in my car is a bit dodgy and I’m beyond the days of a “quickie” in the car these days. I’m more likely to have a quiche than a quickie!
  • Local Terminal Operator – well I don’t like to think that my driving could end up terminal! Think again…

Well, after all that research, I am so far mostly in favour of Limited Time Only or License To Occupy.

Any thoughts or suggestions for me?

No, the image isn’t of my new car or old car lol.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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