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All Threes

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Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to revolve around threes? Here’s a fun story about a man who had just that.

So, Bob got up one Saturday morning with the odd feeling that something about this day was to be different. He really felt that something unusual was about to happen. Maybe this would be his lucky day.

Glancing out of the bedroom window, he looked at the thermometer in the garden. He was surprised to see that it read exactly 33 degrees.

He went downstairs to find that the clock had stopped, at 3 o’clock exactly.

He picked up the newspaper and read the date: it was the 3rd of the month.

There was a pattern here, he thought to himself and then it dawned on him. Threes – that was it! Everything was coming up threes. It must mean something. Could this be that special day that he had been waiting for?

He grabbed the paper and flipped it open to the racing section.

Sure enough in the 3rd race, there was a horse named Trio! This was more than a sign, it was an unmissable opportunity.

The man threw on his jacket, put on his shoes and hurried down to the bank, where he drew out his life savings and bet it all on the horse to win.

Imagine his surprise when the horse came in third.

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