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Albert Einstein

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Some years ago, the great scientist Albert Einstein was on a lecture tour of America and towards the end of the tour he was starting to really get tired or the daily lectures and meetings.

“I am really sick and tired of all these meetings”, he moaned to his driver, who by coincidence had a mass of white hair and looked remarkably like the great man.

“All I do is say the same old things over and over again”, Einstein added, sounding to his driver like he had really had enough of this lecturing tour already.

“I’m sure it must be tiring sir”, his driver said. “I have sat through all your lectures waiting for you and even though I know nothing about physics and stuff, I think I could give the lecture myself. I have sat through so many of them now that I can even mimic your accent”.

“Eureka, that’s it”, Einstein replied. “I have a great idea. Why don’t you do the next lecture for me and I’ll have a rest among the audience, pretending that I’m your driver”.

So, the driver stopped the car a couple of miles from the university, the two of them swapped clothes and then proceeded to the venue where Einstein drove the car up to the door.

The driver gave the lecture perfectly as planned and everything was going well until a cocky scientist in the audience, who was trying to look clever, asked a particularly complex question with endless jawbreakingly long words.

The driver was thrown for a moment, but then looked at the scientist and said, “That is such a simplistic question that I’m not even going to answer it myself. I will let my driver answer it for you instead”.

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