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Airlines Cut Services

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If you have been on board an airplane in recent years you will be well aware how airlines cut services to avoid their planes flying at a loss.

It used to be that on most if not all flights, you would get complimentary drinks and a snack, often a meal. On longer flights, you would get multiple meals as well.

Then it all changed after 9-11. Now most flights are packed, those free upgrades are hard to come by and even a can of soda and those small packets of peanuts or pretzels now have to be paid for, unless of course you are travelling in first class.

Meals are now usually only served on long haul flights, but some airlines have had to cut back to the bare bones.

It came to meal time during a flight on one such airline.

“Would you like dinner?” the flight attendant asked one of the passengers, who was seated in first class.

“Yes please”, the passenger replied, “What are my choices?”

The flight attendant replied, “Yes or no!”

I used to travel a lot back in the 90’s, sometimes as many as 80 flights a year! I travelled from Chicago to Miami frequently and almost always got a free upgrade to first class, which meant free drinks and a bowl of hot nuts while the main cabin was boarding and desert after the main meal was a big glass filled with a Haagen Dazs sundae. I felt spoiled and a flight was fun to look forward to.

These days, when I do travel, it’s no longer at the company’s expense and so I end up with the cheapest ticket available and often the most basic of services. So no longer the joys of flying, more a means to get from A to B but some good and bad memories to look back on.

I’m sure if you have travelled a lot over the years you have some good stories to tell. I know I have, some good stories to tell, some real disaster stories as well, when flight cancellations or weather disrupt your travel plans. If you do have any stories to tell, we would love to hear them. Please leave us a comment using the form at the end of the page. Looking forward to reading some great stories.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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