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A Walk In The Country

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Paddy and Murphy were out for a walk in the country to get some exercise and fresh air and also truth be known, to get away from their wives for a few hours.

They had been on their country walk for about a mile when Paddy looked up and said, “Did you see that?”

“No”, said Murphy, “what was it?”

“A huge bird of prey just flew overhead”, Paddy replied.

“Oh right”, Murphy said, “I missed it”.

So they carried on walking and a few minutes later, Paddy said, “did you see that Murphy?”

“See what?” Murphy asked.

“Are you blind?” Paddy said, “there was a big stag up on that hill over there, it’s disappeared into the trees now”.

“Oh ok”, Murphy replied.

A few minutes later Paddy called out again, “did you see that Murphy?”

By this time, Murphy was getting aggravated, so he said, “Yes, I did!”

Paddy replied, “then why did you step in it?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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