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A Texas Farmer In Ireland

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Jeb was a farmer from Texas, where of course “everything is bigger” and he was on a visit to Ireland.

Paddy was given the task of showing Jeb around the area and upon learning that Jeb was a farmer, Paddy proudly took him out to the country to show him his own farm, which he was naturally very proud of.

Jeb spent most of the trip exclaiming about how small the roads were, how small Paddy’s car was, then how small Paddy’s house was and how almost everything was bigger and better back in Texas.

After a few hours of this constant bragging about how much bigger and better everything was in Texas, Paddy was getting a bit tired as you might imagine.

Finally, Jeb and Paddy were leaning over Paddy’s fence, watching his horse in the pasture.

Jeb piped up, “Ya know, Paddy, this field sure is small”.

“Is that so?” a resigned Paddy replied.

“Why sure!” Jeb continued, eyeing Paddy’s horse. “If I were to ride my horse around my property back home, it’d take me two days!”

“I used to have a horse like that”, Paddy fired back at Jeb, “I had to shoot ‘im”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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