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A Shot Of Whisky

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A man walked into a bar, pulled up a stool, called the bartender over and ordered a shot of whisky.

He gulped it down and then peeked into his shirt pocket.

A few minutes later he ordered another shot of whisky, gulped it down and again peeked into his short pocket.

He ordered a third shot of whisky and did the same thing again.

After the sixth shot, he asked the bartender for the bill, paid and started to walk out of the bar.

Curiosity got the better of the bartender and he called out to the man, “Excuse me, but I noticed that every time you drank a shot, you kept looking into your shirt pocket. I was wondering what that was all about and what’s in your pocket”.

The replied to the bartender in a slurred voice, “Well, I have a picture of my wife in my pocket. I keep drinking until she starts to look good, then I head home”.

I guess we ought to file this one under “sad stories”. If life ever gets that bad, just shoot me!

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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