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A Refined Lady Goes To Heaven

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: refined lady dies and goes to heaven.

She is chatting with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, when all of a sudden she hears the most awful, blood curdling screams.

“Don’t worry about that”, says St. Peter, “It’s only someone having the holes put into her shoulder blades for the wings”.

The lady looks a little uncomfortable, but carries on with the conversation.

Ten minutes later, there are more blood curdling screams.

“Oh my God”, says the lady, “now what is happening?”

“Not to worry”, says St. Peter, “She’s just having her head drilled to fit the halo”.

“I can’t do this”, says the lady, “I’m going to hell”.

“You can’t go there”, says St. Peter, “You’ll be raped and taken advantage of”.

“Maybe so”, says the lady, “but I’ve already got the holes for that”.

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