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A Real Stinker

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A really dirty man who obviously hadn’t had a bath in months, a real stinker of a man, walked into a shoe shop.

He was one of those “great unwashed”, who, if smell had a colour, would surely be surrounded by a greenish brown fog.

When he took off his shoes to try out a new pair, the odour of smelly feet quickly spread throughout the store and the smell was overpowering.

The other customers who were in the shoe shop, rapidly began heading towards the doors to get out of there, the stink was really that bad.

The shopkeeper was anxious not to loose all his customers, so he said nicely to the dirty man, “You can have those shoes if you will just leave the shop right now”.

“Why thank you”, the man said.

He took the shoes and started walking out of the shop.

When he got to the entrance, he stopped, farted, turned around and asked the shopkeeper, “Is that enough for a pair of sandals?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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