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A Practical Joke In The Hospital

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Arthur Benjamin loved to play practical jokes on people, but here he was stuck in the local hospital after an illness.

Being fairly bored with life on the ward and going a bit stir crazy, he was desperate to play some kind of practical joke on the nursing staff.

Just before midday, the nurse brought a lunch tray to him. She also brought him one of those glasses that are used for urine specimens, saying that when it was convenient, he should put a specimen in the glass and that she would pick it up when she came back to pick up the lunch tray.

Arthur, seeing that there was some apple juice on the tray, put two and two together, laughed to himself and poured the apple juice into the specimen glass.

A while later, the nurse came back to collect the specimen and collect the tray.

She picked up the specimen, held it up to the light and said, “Mr. Benjamin, this looks a little off, the color doesn’t seem quite right, are you feeling okay?”

Arthur reached out his hand for the glass and said, “Here, let me have a look”.

After looking at it, he said, “Maybe I had better run it through again” and then proceeded to drink the contents of the glass.

The nurse fainted…

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