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A Man And His Duck

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This is a sweet story about a man and his duck. The duck isn’t so much a pet, as the man’s best friend in the whold wide world.

This man takes his duck everywhere he goes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s going to the grocery store, for a drive in the country, or even going to work, the man and his duck are inseparable.

The one thing they both really like to do together, is see western movies, they just love them.

While walking down the street one day, they came across a movie theater that is playing their all time favorite western movie.

So, so the man decides to go inside and watch the movie, but the woman selling the tickets says “I’m sorry but there are no ducks allowed in the theater”.

The man was outraged, and really wanted to see the movie, so he went around the corner and shoved the duck down his pants then goes into the theater to see the movie.

Once in the movie theater, he gets to his seat and then he pulls down his zipper so that the duck can watch the movie with him.

They watched the trailers and the usual run of advertisements, and then the lights dimmed, ready for the main movie to begin.

Just then, along come two girls, who took the seats that were right beside him.

A short time later, the first girl says to the second girl “This man’s zipper is down!”

The second girl replies “So what, you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”.

First Girl replies “Yeah, but this one has eaten my popcorn!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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