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A Lack Of Intimacy

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An elderly woman walked into a doctor’s office. Going a bright shade of red, the embarrassed woman she told the doctor that there was a lack of intimacy in her relationship. In fact, she and her husband had not been intimate in years. She said that her husband seemed to have a total lack of desire.

After listening to the woman for a while, the doctor said to her, “I have just the thing. Have your husband take two of these Viagra pills right before dinner”.

The next morning, the woman stormed into the doctor’s office and exclaimed, “You have to change my husband’s prescription!! It is much too strong!! I gave him the pills before dinner, just like you told me, and halfway through dinner they took effect”.

The woman continued, “He got a wild look in his eyes, then pulled the tablecloth off the table, breaking all of the dishes!! Then he threw me onto the table, and we made love right there!!”

“I feel awful,” said the doctor. “Let me at least pay for all of the broken dishes.”

“Don’t worry about that,” replied the woman, “We just won’t eat at that restaurant any more…………..”

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