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A Job On A Building Site

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Murphy, Brendan and Seamus were looking for work and they decided to apply for a job on a building site.

They had a problem though, they had been told by a friend that the foreman on the building site doesn’t like the Irish.

Murphy suggested to the other two that they give the foreman English sounding names when he asked for theirs.

So, armed with their cunning plan, Seamus went in first to the interview and the foreman asked him his name.

Suddenly realising that he forgot to think of an English sounding name, Seamus looked out window and saw a men’s clothing store. “My name is Ted Baker”, he blurted out.

“Get out”, the foreman yelled at him.

Brendan went in next and was given the same question.

He too had forgotten to think of an English sounding name. He looked out the window and saw a shoe shop. “My name is Freeman Hardy Willis”, he said to the foreman.

“Get out, Get Out!” shouted the foreman.

Murphy was the last of the three Irishmen to go for an interview.

By now, the exasperated foreman has had pretty much had enough and asked him, “What’s your name?”

Like his friends, Murphy had also forgotten to think of a name in advance.

He had a good look out of the window and replied, “Ken”.

“Thank Christ for that!” the foreman said. “Ken who?”

“Tuckey Fried Chicken”, Murphy replied, then practically ran out of the foreman’s office, quickly followed by a flying object.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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