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A Hair In Your Food

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Have you ever had that sick to the stomach feeling when you are eating and find a hair in your food?

A few weeks ago I had a friend come over and we ordered a pizza to be delivered.

We had been chatting away and enjoying the pizza, when we came to the last slice and I was horrified to see that there was a hair baked into the crust.

So, I packed the last slice into the box and went to the pizza place to complain.

I said to the guy at the pizza place, “There’s a hair baked into this pizza. I’d like a discount on our bill, please”.

The guy looked at me and said, “I can get you another pizza if you like?”

I replied, “My friend and I just ate the entire pizza before we realized that it was unsanitary. I don’t want another pizza, I’d like a discount please”.

The guy replied, “I’m sorry, but all I can do is to offer you another pizza”.

I took the hair in my fingers and lifted it up. The entire slice rose in the air with it.

I held it there, the slice of pizza dangling in the air by the hair for several seconds.

On seeing this, the guy finally said, “I’ll get you a discount”.

Not a situation you want to be in is it, finding a hair (or worse) in your food. My cousin once found a band-aid in a yoghurt! I can’t imagine how that must have felt! Do you have any yucky food stories to tell? If so please leave us a comment, we would love to hear about them.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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