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A Geordie Woman

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A Geordie woman goes to the customer service desk at a garden centre.

“Excuse me luv”, she says to the assistant, “have ya got a fern please?”

“Yes madam, what variety would you like?” the assistant replied.

“One with buttons so’s I can curl a taxi!” she said.

Thanks to John Davies for sending that to us via Twitter.

For those of you with puzzled looks on your faces, you need to understand British accents. The Geordie accent is spoken by those living in Northumbria (Newcastle Upon Tyne area) in the northeast of England. Like many other British accents, it’s hard for the rest of us English to follow, let alone if you come from eleswhere. Try Googling “Geordie accents” and I’m sure you will get some good laughs trying to learn the language.

Or just watch the classic tv series Auf Wiedersehen Pet for some terrific accents and some great acting too. I’m sure you will recognise some of the cast and this is where they got their big break.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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