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A Drunk Single Guy’s Steamy S*x Story

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I guess enough of us men can identify with the following story, especially if we have ever struggled on the dating scene and been too shy to talk to a girl, especially a stunning one when we were single and drunk.

Going to a bar or club when you are single and you where you don’t know anyone and desperately wanting to get somewhere with a girl that you see, well it’s not too hard to let your imagination run wild is it, especially after a few drinks. Go on, admit it, you have done this too right?

Anyhow, here’s the story and I’m really curious to know how much this could be you and if you have had experiences like this yourself. If so, please do leave us a comment (scroll to the end of the story), we would love to get your feedback.

So I met this beautiful girl last night.

She invited me back to her place and we had the greatest steamiest s*x ever.

Actually, it wasn’t really the greatest s*x ever, it was more like medium great sex and well, she didn’t exactly invite me back to her place, I sort of followed her home to her apartment.

To be factual, we didn’t actually have sex per se, but we came very close to it.

You see we were fondling each other pretty intensely… well, actually, I was fondling her, she wasn’t fondling me… well, really, I wasn’t actually fondling her, our bodies just got very close together.

To be honest, I just sort of brushed into her, accidentally. But it was great, really hot and sensual you know what I mean?

Actually, to be specific, it wasn’t really her that I brushed into, it was actually the back of the chair she was sitting in that I brushed into.

Although, the chair was on the other side of a wall you see… in another room sort of, and I was sort of leaning on the wall, but the chair was very close to the wall, very close.

Of course, she was on the third floor and I was sort of… I guess you can see where this is going… on the street, leaning against the building.

But wow! What a night. What a night!

Imagination is a wonderful thing isn’t it. I’m not sure if mine has ever run riot quite to that extent. I have seen some amazing sights across the room and fantacised about them, but that’s another story. Maybe I should setup a Patreon channel and relate some of them. One of these days maybe…

Just wondering if you girls do the same thing. Do you see a guy in a bar and fantasize over them? If so please do let us know.

Image Used Under A Collective Commons License From:

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