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A Dog For Her Husband

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A woman bought a dog for her husband. She happened to be passing the animal shelter one day and this one dog kept looking at her and wagging his tail, she was sure it was smiling at her. She just fell in love with it and bought it there and then.

When she got home, she found her husband sitting in the living room, drinking a cup of tea and reading the newspaper, what you might call a “typical day” for her husband.

She brought the dog in, who immediately bounded up to her husband, wagged his tail and waited to be petted.

He said to his wife, “He seems nice and friendly and full of energy, what do you think we should we call him?”

His wife replied, “I think we should call him Five Miles”.

“Five Miles?” her husband asked. “Why on earth should we name him that, it’s a really strange name for a dog”.

She replied, “That may be so, but now we can boast to our neighbours that we walk Five Miles every day!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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