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A Child’s View Of Thunderstorms

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This is a child’s view of thunderstorms, When you read this, you will never think of Thunderstorms the same way again.

A young girl walked to and from school every day.

One morning the weather looked a little dubious and dark clouds were forming, but the young girl still went on her daily trek to school.

As the afternoon progressed, the winds whipped up, the skies got darker, it thundered and there was also lightning.

The little girl’s Mother was worried that her daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school.

She also feared that the electrical storm might harm her child.

So, full of concern and worry for her little girl, her Mother got into her car and quickly drove along the route to her child’s school.

As she drove along, she saw her little girl walking along the road.

At each flash of lightning, the child would stop, look up, and smile.

More lightning followed quickly and with each, the little girl would look at the streak of light and smile.

When her Mother pulled up beside the little girl, she lowered the window and called, “What are you doing Susan?”

The little girl answered her Mother, “I am trying to look pretty because God keeps taking my picture”.

Awww now isn’t that sweet.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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