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A Blonde Walked Into A Police Station

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A blonde walked into a police station and asked to speak to the police chief.

When the police chief came out, she told him that she wanted to be a police officer.

The police chief said, “Come in my office and let me ask you a few questions”.

So, the police chief led the blonde into his office and beckoned her to take a seat.

“The first question, is what is 2 + 2”, the police chief said.

The blonde said, “oh that is easy the answer is 4”.

“The second question is, what is the square root of 100”, the police chief said.

The blonde thought for a second and answered, “I think it is 10”.

The police chief said, “You are doing great so fat. Now can you tell me who killed Abraham Lincoln?”

The blonde thought and thought and said, “no I can’t”.

So the chief told her to go and find out who did kill Abraham Lincoln, then come back to him when she knew.

Later that night, a friend called her to ask how the job interview went with the chief.

The blonde said to her friend, “You know what, not only did I get the job, they already put me on a murder case”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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