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A Bit Of Trouble

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It was a quiet day in an English pub, and a few local lads felt like starting a bit of trouble.

Well just then Paddy, who was an Irishman who had moved to the area a couple of years ago, had the misfortune to walk in and order a pint of stout.

One Englishman turns to the other two and says, “I say, why don’t we see if we can get a rise out of Paddy,what do you think?”

Well, they all agree, and one of them walks over to Paddy’s table.

“I hear that St. Patrick was a raving drunkard, he was drunk out of his mind half the time,” the Englishman sneered.

Paddy looked up from his stout, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ah, now,” before turning away again and taking another sip of his stout.

The second Englishman walked over to Paddy. “The way I heard it, Saint Patrick was a leech and an adulterer.”

Paddy shrugged again, saying “Ah, well,” and appeared not to react to their taunts at all.

The two Englishmen looked at each other in confusion, and then gestured to the third.

The third Englishman smiled viciously, as if he knew just the thing required to upset poor Paddy.

Standing up, he called out across the bar, “I heard that Saint Patrick was an ENGLISHMAN!!”

Paddy looked up from his pint for a third time and said, “Sure, weren’t these other two lads just trying to tell me the same thing!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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