Cell Phone For Seniors

This might not mean anything if you are under 40 or thereabouts, but back in the day, we didn’t have the convenience of push button digital phones.

Oh no – we had those lovely rotary dial phones, and it took forever to dial a number, especially if the phone or your finger slipped, and you mis-dialled.

NO auto-redial – you had to do it manually

NO address book – except the one you wrote in

NO voicemail or text – if you missed a call – no way to know

And so in honor of the phones of yesteryear, here is a phone that us seniors (or at least us old enough to remember) can identify with…

Cell phone for seniors complete with rotary dial and analogue dialling

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  1. LOL! I recently posted a note to FB friends from childhood about our old phone numbers – we had party lines and an operator who connected us, even tho we had rotary phone sets. I don’t miss the dials or the snoopy ladies listening in!

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