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Baby Boomer Jokes is a collection of classic Jokes and funny pictures about growing old, retirement and anything to do with old age. I am a Baby Boomer (I was born in the 1950’s) and I am rapidly reaching the age where it’s time to retire and for my body to start breaking down. Like it or not, it’s going to happen to us all eventually, so we might as well try and see the funny side of growing old.

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Staying Abreast

This is a hilariously funny poem that was written by a friend of mine about breasts, and how women feel about them as they get older. I hope you enjoy it... Between my neck and belly, My dynamic duo rests, Among a slew of other names, They're politely called my breasts. You can read the rest of this funny poem Continue Reading ››

Jacob And Rebecca

Jacob (92) and Rebecca (85) are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way go past a drugstore. Jacob suggests that they go in, and then Jacob addresses the man behind the counter: " Are you the owner?" The pharmacist answers " Yes". Jacob: "Do you sell … Continue Reading ››

The Poker Game

Six retired Floridians were playing poker in the condo clubhouse when Meyerwitz loses $500 on a single hand, clutches his chest and drops dead at the table. Showing respect for their fallen comrade, the other five continue playing standing up. Finkelstein looks around and asks, "So, who's gonna' tell his wife?" They draw straws. Goldberg picks the short one. They … Continue Reading ››