The Laughline was in a past life the Jokes section of The Poddys Directory and has thousands of the best jokes of all time, which have been added over the years, as well as a growing collection of Funny Pictures and hilarious Videos.

Like a lot of people, I love dirty jokes, but I also appreciate that not everyone does. Because of this, The Laughline contains only clean jokes and no explicit pictures or videos that might offend the faint of heart.

Both The Laughline and The Poddys Directory are Copyright of The Big Poddy, an Englishman who wandered across the big pond in 1994, spending 15 years in Indiana and South Florida, before returning home to the UK.

Having both a uniquely British sense of humour while at the same time being able to see the American side of things, he brings an interesting collection of jokes and comments on life together, which it is hoped you will enjoy.

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